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Iowa Ambush 

 Youth Basketball Academy

Ambush Apparel - Custom Team Uniforms


Youth Winter League

League Info: Games on Sunday Afternoons (Dec. 7, 14; Jan. 4, 11)

Game Info: 1-2 Games Per Day (Based on 8 teams per division)

- 7 games total (Over 4 Weeks)

*Need 5 teams minimum to make a 4 week league (1 game per week)

Times: Start time of 2:00 pm (Games last 30 min) *(45 min if only 5 teams in division)

- End Time of 5:00 pm

Start Date: Dec 7, 2014 - End Date: Jan 11, 2014 (4 Weeks)

Cost: $250 per team

Gyms: Osage MS, Osage HS, CRC, & Sacred Heart Gym in Osage

Divisions: Some divisions may be combined based on Number of teams

--> 3rd Girls --> 3rd Boys --> 4th Girls --> 4th Boys

--> 5th Boys --> 5th Girls --> 6th Boys --> 6th Girls

More Info: (This will be a competitive league)

- Score will be kept and league standings will be updated weekly.

- Championship Medals and Trophy will be rewarded to top teams in each division.

- Each Player will receive a League T-Shirt.

- $2 entry fee at the door for fans ages 12 and up.

- Teams will have a chance to play at half time of Varsity Games just for being a part of this league.

* For Example: Osage vs. St. Ansgar on a Friday night. If we have a Osage team and a St. Ansgar team we will arrange them to play a scrimmage game at half time of that game. So 2 girls teams at half of varsity girls game and 2 boys teams at half of boys varsity game.

Volunteers Needed:

- If you would like to volunteer to keep the book, run the clock, or sit at the entry door please email us to let us know you are interested.

[email protected] 


1. Game will be 30 min long. (Two - 15 Min Halves)

- Running clock until last minute of 2nd half. *(Two - 20 Min Halves if only 5 teams)

2. No press for grades 3rd/4th, unless final 2 minutes of game. 

 - Press allowed for 5th grade and up, unless up by 15 or more. 

3. One 30 sec timeout per half. (No carry over if timeout isn't used)

4. Each Team must provide a score keeper or a clock operator.

5. A technical foul will result in the player sitting the remainder of that game. But will be allowed to play the following game. 

 - 2 Shots and its the other teams ball at half court.

- If a 2nd technical is given the player is done for the day.

- If a player gets 3 technicals in total they are done for the remainder of the league.

6. 1st Overtime will be sudden death with a 5 min max time limit. No score results in a tie to keep games moving.

7. IHSA Rules will apply.

Sponsors Needed:

- Court Sponsors ($100 each) (Only need 3 or 4)

- General Sponsors ($25 each)

- If you are a sponsor your Company Name and Logo will be on the back of the League T-Shirts that will get handed out to all the players and you will be listed on emails and on this webpage as founding sponsors.

- Court Sponsors will also be listed on each game. Ex: Devils vs Comets at 6 pm on State Farm Court in HS.