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Iowa Ambush 

 Youth Basketball Academy

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Ambush Scholarship Foundation

Each year, pending available financing, grants, and fundraisers, the Ambush Scholarship Foundation will be rewarding High School Senior student-athletes with scholarships up to $500 per student athlete per year. The award can be used for any cost associated with going to further their education.

This scholarship will take into account your school GPA (copy of latest report card), community service hours (recorded & documented), number of years playing on an Ambush AAU team, a letter of recommendation, the number of family members (brothers & sisters) in your household, and your love for learning and growing on and off the court demonstrated within your short essay and other measures that have been witnessed throughout the season! All coaches will be seeing this and will have a say for all of their players!

This information will be held in strict confidence by the foundation for sole purposes of determining qualifications.


1. Applicants must be former members of an Ambush AAU Team for at least 2 years.

2. An applicant must be graduating from High School.

3. Applicants must be going to further their education (College, JUCO, Trade School, etc…)

4. Must have a GPA at 3.0 or Above out of 4.0. (Report Card)

5. Must have 10+ community service hours. (Documented)

6. Must have a letter of recommendation (teacher, principal, boss, etc…).

7. Must have all Ambush fees paid in full.

8. Must LOVE to learn and show growth as a young adult on and off the court.


2017 Scholarship Recipient

Christian Johnson - Coal City, IL

- GPA = 4.2/4.0

- Class Rank = 20th of 156 Students

- Community Service Hours = 60+

- Other = Played football, track, and basketball at Coal City HS

All Area Team Athlete Multiple Times

Played 3 years with Illinois Ambush Basketball.

- College Major = Actuarial Sciences at IUPUI in Indianapolis

 - Comment from School Teacher/Admin/Coach

* HS Coach = "Besides being a great student in the classroom, I have seen Christian turn into the leader that his teammates wanted to follow. He has stepped up daily and put himself into difficult positions, like when we needed a shot at the end of a game. The team knew when Christian spoke the team listened. All of this can only be done with hard work, dedication, and great time management." - Keith Kiper 

2016 Scholarship Recipient

Colin Bomstad - Earlville, IL

- GPA = 3.96

- Class Rank = 2nd

- Community Service Hours = 300+

- Other = Played basketball and soccer at Earlville HS.

Played 2 years with Illinois Ambush Basketball.

Signed with Elmhurst College Bluejays

- College Major = Biochemistry at Elmhurst

- Comment

* HS Principal = "He is a natural leader on and off the court. He demonstrates incredible integrity, honesty, and reliability for someone his age. In the classroom, he signed up for every advanced course we offered and always completed assignments on time. He aspired to be a doctor and he will succeed in doing so because he will commit everything he has to that goal. It was a true honor to serve as his principal!" - Rich Faivre

- Comment

* HS Teacher = "Colin success on the court speaks for itself, but his hard work and dedication to anything he is involved with is what's most impressive. He is an extremely focused individual who knows what he wants and will do what is necessary to accomplish his goals. I know he will continue to represent our school, town, and himself in a manner we can continue to be proud of." - Wayne Koontz

2015 Scholarship Recipients 

Garrett Duffin - Princeton, IL

 - GPA = 3.96

- Class Rank = 9/122

- Community Service Hours = 45

- Other = Signed with Sauk Valley CC to play basketball next year. Played baseball, soccer, and basketball in high school. Coaches 2015 12U Ambush Team.

- College Major = Sports Science

- Comments

* HS Coach/Teacher = "He is a leader in class discussions and lab activities. One of the best students I have ever had because of his drive and dedication in the classroom and the playing field. He goes above and beyond what is expected of him in terms of everything he does."

Ryan Reeder - Mendota, IL

 - GPA = 3.20

- ACT Score = 26

- Community Service Hours = 17

- Other = Played basketball, football, and track at Mendota HS. Played 3 years with Ambush Basketball.

- College Major = Art

- Comments

* HS Coach/Teacher = "He is a very hard working and motivated art student, he produces very detailed work that is among the top of all my students. Ryan doesn't just show up and play, he puts in a lot of extra effort into all sports in the offseason, and this is what makes him special."